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Exploiting OGNL Injection in Apache Struts

Let’s understand how OGNL Injection works in Apache Struts. We’ll exemplify with two critical vulnerabilities in Struts: CVE-2017-5638 (Equifax breach) and CVE-2018-11776.

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Inside Nmap, the world’s most famous port scanner

This article is a deep dive into how nmap works, in order to understand its internal structure and to master its functionality.

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Pentest report writing in 5 minutes (Defcamp 2018 talk)

Tired of writing pentest reports? Let’s automate this and let you get back to hacking! Slides included.

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Essential HTTP Headers for Securing Your Web Server

In this article we discuss the most important HTTP headers that you should configure on your web server in order to improve its security.

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5 Practical Scenarios for XSS Attacks

Let’s explore a couple of practical attack scenarios that can be implemented as PoCs to prove the real risk of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

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